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February 9, 2011 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

High School High

There are times when I still can’t believe I graduated high school in 2004. It’s like damn.. I’m old! Haha 🙂 But I’m glad that despite the fact that it has been almost 7 years since I’ve graduated, my friends are still there and I can always count on them for anything. 🙂 I love them so much!!! The same goes to my college friends, CalCarrie friends, as well and to everyone else who I’ve met and shared memories with along the way! (You know who you are) 😀

So anyway, this post is a shout-out for my friend Joanna coz its her birthday today! High School would not have been the same without you, Erica and Mau, and I love all you three girls to bits!

View her blog and Chictopia

May you have a blessed birthday and a great year ahead of you, know that Erica, Mau and I are all very proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time! We know you will go far and achieve great things, and more power to your Glitterati empire! Happy birthday sweetie, and see you this Saturday! Thanks for all the memories! 😀

Then and Now! 😀

Erica, Mau and the rest of Stamajojaermati.. you girls are amazing and I love you all! I wish more than anything that I could somehow transport you all to my wedding, I know it won’t be the same coz we won’t be complete! Hopefully, I can make it back to Manila for all your weddings!!! *hint hint ercs, janna?*

Love you girls! 😀


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