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April 20, 2011 / thegirlwhotooktheleap


Well this week I have a couple of updates..

1. Request to fix spelling error on my NOA/Biometrics letters with USCIS

Status: Success!

I was quite pleased with how quickly they responded. I called on Monday morning to file a report about it, and they took down all the information, gave me a receipt number and told me that within 30 days someone would contact me. Today, just two days later, I received an email stating that it was all taken care of. Yay!

2. Biometrics Walk-In

Status: Success!

I was originally scheduled for my biometrics on May 10th.. 3 weeks from now! Jeez.. Well I just couldn’t wait that long so we attempted to go yesterday. May 10th was a Tuesday so we also went on a Tuesday (just in case they do biometrics on certain days only.. you never know..) and we got to Philly about 10:30am and they just let us in! It took about 15 minutes and all I did was fill out a short form and they took my photo and fingerprints. I just brought my biometrics appt letter and my passport. I don’t exactly know how much doing a walk-in speeds up the process, but hopefully it did.. We’ll see.

3. Report of Marriage

Status: Fail so far.. Boo!

Well the PCGNY contacted me and told me the marriage cert I had sent them was wrong.. wth.. that’s the only marriage certificate I have, so they HAVE to accept it. What’s worse is that they have an absolutely terrible phone line and its impossible to ever speak to someone. I sent them an email and we’ll see what they respond.

Worries of the Week:

-Starting to worry about when I would receive the GC.. I need it around June-July because I’m going to school this fall and I need it to enroll for school. I realllly hope all goes well. It’s been going great so far and for that I feel so blessed.

-I really hope that my Timmy finds a job that makes him happy, not just a job that pays the bills. It hurts me to see him hate what he is doing.. I love my baby so much and I just want him to be happy, especially when I know that the reason he is working so hard is because of me, because we need to save for my school. I HATE the fact that I feel so useless right now and I can’t contribute anything. I just wish I could somewhat help out. I hope my EAD comes soon.

Blech. Well that’s all for now.. How is everybody?




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  1. Tina / Apr 30 2011 1:37 pm

    Do you live in Pennsylvania? Because I will be leaving in Pennsylvania too! 😀

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