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May 10, 2011 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

5 weeks

Well, today it’s officially been 5 weeks since I’ve sent my AOS packet. I sent my packet on a Tuesday, April 5th and it was received on Wednesday, April 6th. Today is the 5th Tuesday since I’ve sent it.. The wait is seriously killing me!!!!

Here’s my timeline so far:

April 05- sent via UPS Overnight Delivery

April 06- Received and signed by CHWBA

April 07-Received Text/Email notification for AOS/EAD/AP

April 11- NOA1 hardcopies in mail

April 16- Biometrics letter received for May 10th

April 19-Biometrics walk-in

April 26- AOS case transferred to CSC

April 30-Received notice in mail regarding CSC transfer

May 02-Case received by CSC

So what now??

Hoping for no RFEs and a speedy approval..

Godbless and Goodluck to everyone who’s in the same boat!


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