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August 21, 2012 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

Yellow Ribbon Ceremony

We’ve known about this deployment for a while now, but all this time I’ve just put it in the back burner because I always felt like it was still so far away. I guess time always catches up with you, and before I knew it, the Yellow Ribbon Events have begun. This basically marks the point of no return. It means the deployment is happening, and they are doing their best to prepare us emotionally, mentally, physically and financially for this separation. Well my hubby’s yellow ribbon event was last weekend, and it was an overwhelming experience. It was definitely information overload and death by powerpoint combined. However, it was very helpful and I’m glad I went. Seeing all the families made me feel that I wasn’t alone, it was almost comforting to see the other wives and know that I wasn’t the only one who would lose a husband for a year. Although its painful to think about the fact that Tim won’t make it home for the birth, seeing all the kids in the event made me realize that we are actually lucky that he is just missing the baby’s newborn months, and the baby won’t realize he was gone as compared to a toddler missing his daddy for a year.

After all the presentations, we had a nice picnic and they gave away daddy dolls to kids and I got one for the baby.

Our baby’s first toy 🙂




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  1. John Potter / Aug 22 2012 10:36 pm

    Great toy for your baby. Be sure to take a picture and make it a daddy doll soon. God bless!

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