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September 1, 2012 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

On Murphy’s law, doulas, snail mail and being a 2nd year grad student


Tim hasn’t even left yet and Murphy’s Law of Deployment has already begun. It started when the check engine light came on with our Rav and it turns out some part will have to be replaced soonish and it will cost $1000 (Oh joy!). After that, a computer virus entered our desktop PC (I know, having a desktop is so very 2000 but what can I say, when you’re doing a thesis and typing that much paperwork, a desktop is so much more convenient than a laptop!). Then the mysterious creature living in our basement (chipmunk, possibly squirrel according to the exterminator) decided to make a comeback, as did the nasty house centipedes. All this days before my husband leaves. What’s funny is that none of these things have been bothering us for the longest time! Another thing on my annoyed list is for some reason I am losing things in the mail. Something I ordered from Ebay never arrived, as did my school parking pass. Its a mess! I hope I can resolve them soon. Oh well. I can only laugh at the irony of it all. I won’t let it bother me though, I refuse to let such things dampen my time with my husband. We can choose to look at everything that seems to be going wrong, or focus on all that we can be thankful for instead.. in the end its all about perspective. 🙂


On a happy note, Tim and I met our Doula yesterday! A doula is similar to a labor coach, and she volunteered her services through Operation Special Delivery, which is a great program helping military wives with deployed husbands through birth. Since my husband will be away and this is my first baby, I knew I needed extra support! Well the doula I found through OSD is wonderful! Her name is Virginia Rivenbark and she put me and Tim at ease immediately. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. I can’t wait to work with her!


And lastly, we just met our first years last week and they are all nice. It makes me look back to where I was last year and it amazes me to think back and realize that I had already gone through so much just this past school year. I know this coming semester brings a different set of challenges and hopefully I can rise above them too. 🙂

We are four people away from completing our thesis testing which is great! Now I just have to complete my analysis and I am ready to start writing my results and discussion! Hopefully I can do as well as I did last Spring. My goal is to be done with thesis by December!

I also just booked my PRAXIS NESPA (National Exam for Speech Pathology) test for November!! Eek! Wish me luck!  I figured I need to take it before the baby comes rather than after. Here’s to hoping that I pass!


Speaking of school, I am so proud and happy for my husband for officially getting accepted into Marywood University’s 2-year MBA program. This is the one silver lining of this deployment. He starts the first year of his program while he’s deployed and completes it when he returns, and he graduates in 2014. What an amazing opportunity for us! I love you Timmy! 🙂

* Anyway those are all my updates.. Sorry for the rambling!*

16 weeks and counting!



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  1. Flor / Sep 12 2012 7:48 am

    Hey Steph! How are you? You are so right to enjoy your moments with your husband and not let the little things get on your nerves 🙂 Besides, how amazing you already met your doula and that you loved her, I think it´s important to have an instant bond with a person that will be so important in this amazing moment of your life. Congrats also to you and Tim about your schools! Take care Steph!

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