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September 28, 2012 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

One good week coming up!!

So the past few weeks with Tim being gone has been a whirlwind of sadness and busyness. I have been sooo busy with school.. this last semester of grad school has really been killing me. With being pregnant, doing thesis, clinic and school- I am SWAMPED with work. But despite that, I am grateful for it because it keeps me occupied and distracted. That way I don’t end up dwelling on the fact that Tim is gone. But I don’t have to be sad anymore, because in a few days Tim will be back for his 3-day pass!!! And in those few days we will be having my anatomy scan and finding out the gender!! I am so excited!! Stage 1 is almost over.. and although the other stages are longer and probably harder.. at least I’ve seen how life is without Timmy and I know I can try to survive the next months to come, because it also means he is closer to being back home for good. I’d like to thank everyone who’s wished me well, and all my friends for the support they have shown me. I am lucky to have such caring people around. 

So here’s to having a good week coming up! 🙂 


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