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July 9, 2013 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

The tale of the missing noa1

I don’t know if you can recall but last April I wrote that my biometrics letter came in the mail but my noa1 never did.. I called uscis to have it resent and it still did not show up. Strange right? I called again to ask for it to be resent again and they told me they can’t resend it twice. Here I am baffled at why I wasn’t receiving it in the first place. I opened a po box specifically to avoid that issue because I lived in college housing and I was moving soon so I didn’t want to disrupt the process.

Anyway I was told by the uscis representative that I can ask for the i551 stamp through an infopass appointment. She told me that it would be easy to get one and shouldn’t be given a hard time so I scheduled an appointment the Monday after graduation.

That day eventually comes and I brave the trip to downtown Philly. I head to the uscis office and lo and behold, the officer almost refused to give me one! First she said I needed to just call back and have it resent and when I told her that they wouldn’t she said I should insist. It was such a terrible experience, she left me almost in tears! I ended up getting one after begging and showing her all my documents like Tim’s orders, the biometrics letter, I even showed her the form for my teaching certificate just to prove that I was like a good person. She eventually gave me one that was valid for a year but told me never again to use a po box for uscis because it will be returned to sender.

So there’s my experience and a warning to all- stay away from po boxes for uscis purposes!


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