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February 20, 2014 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

Just another diaper review!

First off, I do not cloth diaper. Believe me I thought about doing it plenty of times, and maybe for baby 2 I will actually take the plunge but for the first 4 months of Johnny’s life we lived in a college town and my apartment had no washer and dryer plus I was still in grad school full-time, so that was a no-go. Then we travelled for 2 months to the Philippines and used sposies there too. Then we came back, Tim came home and he was still adjusting to having a son to take care of so I did not want to force him to cloth-diaper (He wasn’t keen on the idea. I am hoping to convince him when we have baby 2 to try it) 🙂 So there, I use sposies and I have probably tried a few brands out there. Luckily, my son does not have a picky butt and does well with most of them.. I am basing my review on three things, cost, quality and effectiveness.


Johnny used Pampers Swaddlers when he was a newborn, and they are great. Soft, I love the classic look and the wetness indicator works well. My only beef with Pampers is the cost.. they are so expensive and don’t seem to have as much high-value coupons and sales as Huggies. Johnny hardly ever leaked with Pampers. Having said that, I hardly ever use this brand because I can’t really justify the cost. Quality and effectiveness are top-notch for me.


I will divide Huggies into 2: Little Movers and Snug and Dry.

I buy Huggies a lot because they seem to have the most sales. If you coupon in CVS, you can get Huggies practically free (Well not really, but for much much cheaper). Without coupons and store sales, they are as expensive as Pampers but with the savings they come out pretty much equal to or cheaper than the store brand diapers. I love the softness of Little Movers, I love how it forms on my baby’s butt, the designs are cute and we have not had rash or leak problems with it.


Snug and Dry is okay… It’s not as soft as Little Movers though. I don’t like it as much, but they are still one of my go-to diapers. It really is snug, the elastic on the waist really follows the shape of my baby’s butt. Same price as Little Movers, so I tend to go for that since I find it much, much softer.


Cheap, works great, but I am not a fan of the smell and design. We do use it though, especially for the daycare. A box is pretty reasonably priced. I wish they would make a scent-free one, its so obnoxiously strong. Quality is good too, and its effective, and cost is a definite plus.


Not a fan, but cost is great! Even cheaper than LUVS. I find them too hard and stiff. They are effective but my son seemed uncomfortable in them. I think the quality is not as good. But we did not have leaks with this brand.


These are actually not bad, but I also find it of lesser quality. What I mean by this is that it works, but you can tell the difference when you compare it with others. Not as snug, and tabs aren’t as tight. We actually did leak with this brand. Probably would not recommend this for overnight use. Cost is great, cheaper than the rest.


I found these to be pretty terrible, sorry. Almost no elastic, you had to just rely on the tabs to keep it in place. Would not recommend it.


I call this the disposables for the rich people, lol. They are very expensive, I know its more environmentally-friendly and I appreciate that fact. I have to say I do love the prints and the quality of it. If I had the money, I would subscribe monthly! I have 2 months worth of these diapers because I used a sale coupon and had some referral cash, and I am very pleased with the softness. It’s thin but surprisingly absorbent. I feel that my son’s butt can breathe lol. Probably my favorite, but would I use it for long-term? Sadly no, because the cost is too much! They do offer a trial, which I recommend, you can sign up to try it here and could always call and cancel your subscription if you choose not to continue it.

So there’s my quick but honest review from just another busy working mama! I wish I could be more detailed and give pictures, but this is it for now 🙂 I would love to hear stories about the kinds of diapers you use, and your experiences, especially for the ones I haven’t tried 🙂


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