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March 11, 2014 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

Working Mom Woes

Working mom.. who are we kidding here. I am so frustrated, because try as I may to do my job well, something always comes up, and of course, my son always comes first. Ever since my son started daycare, he’s had the stomach bug, the cold (twice), random fevers (Don’t get me started on the 24 hr fever-free policy), and now I just got the call that they think he has pink eye. He doesn’t, he has a blocked tear duct, but I get the resemblance. They won’t accept my mom-diagnosis, so now we have to take him to the doctor to get a note. I work a teacher’s schedule, I get 3 personal days and 10 sick days a year. It’s only March and I only have 4.5 days left. NONE of those sick days were for me, they were all for Johnny, but that’s okay because he was legitimately sick in some of those occasions and I wanted to watch him. But now I have to leave work early or miss work altogether just because of fever-free policies and things like that? They don’t make it easy for working moms.. Maybe I should just stay home. 

Feeling frustrated 😦


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