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May 14, 2014 / thegirlwhotooktheleap

Off the charts

Today I am writing to vent out my frustrations with doctors in general, and how much they are into percentiles/charts and numbers. Not everyone fits into their little mold. Everyone is different, and we all grow at our own pace. I say this because my son is a small kid. He is 17.10lbs at 15 months. He was born 8.5 lbs and by the time we left the hospital 3 days later he was around 7.4 lbs. He grows slowly, but steadily and he follows his own little curve and pace. He is so small that he is pretty much in the 1st percentile for weight and height for kids his age. But that doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with him.. First of all, we need to factor in genetics. I am small as well, barely 103 lbs and I am only 5’2″ while my husband is 5’9″ and 170 lbs. So its pretty much to be expected that he would be a little guy. Next, he’s meeting his milestones! He may not be fully walking yet but walking has a wide developmental span (9-18 months) and he is taking steps, standing and scooting. He’s very social, he waves, mimics, says hi and bye and smiles and plays peek-a-boo. He has about 3 words and pretty good comprehension. He’s just a very mellow and cautious baby. At yesterday’s doctor’s appointment, the doctor pretty much told us he was borderline failure to thrive, and that we had to go back next month for a another weight-check and then decide if further testing was needed to check his thyroid, test for malabsorption and celiac’s disease. He also wanted Johnny on a multivitamin and off the boob. As far as I know, breastfeeding is still the best for babies for up to 2 years so I was very disappointed that he even mentioned that. Over-all, that well-visit was just so bad and left me and my husband feeling so bad and like failures. Our son is a peanut- he’s happy and thriving and he’s a good eater- but he’s small. That’s okay. He’s just another variation of normal. I may not have a medical degree, but I know my son better than anyone else, and I am a little offended that someone who sees my son for 15 minutes every 3 months has the nerve to try and call him “failure to thrive.” To top it off, he even took notice of a small bald spot on Johnny’s head and asked us about it, almost implying Johnny had Trichotillomania..I mean really? Are you insane? He’s 15 months. His hair fell off when he was 6 months old, he had a lot of cradle cap and he’s never had a haircut yet. Yes, his hair is growing funny. But he does not have a hair-pulling disease. I was really blown away. I am thinking at this point that I may want to just seek a new pediatrician, someone who is more pro-breastfeeding, attachment parenting and someone who doesn’t necessarily feel that just because you are “off the charts” means something is wrong.



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  1. lgeldore / May 15 2014 7:54 pm

    Sis Stef, every child is different and every race is different. I had the same concerns with my baby that I thought she was small, etc but her pedia assured me that she is fine. That she had pettite parents so she is not expected to grow like caucasians. As long as your baby’s curve is going up and his milestones are at par with his age, he should be okay. 🙂

    • thegirlwhotooktheleap / May 16 2014 11:52 am

      Thank you. I am not the one who’s worried, its the pediatrician who wants to run tests. I think my son is fine! 🙂

  2. shetraces / Dec 17 2014 1:17 am

    Hi! It’s been a long time since I’ve been by, my I wonder how your little one has grown by now! And you should be done with your are you? Still blogging?

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